Hybrid Vehicles

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Replacement High Voltage Battery Packs

The Hybrid Shop’s NiMH battery remanufacturing process restores hybrid power packs to as close to new condition as possible with added enhancements developed by The Hybrid Shop’s Research and Development engineers. Our team’s experience of 12 years and thousands of processed battery packs enables us to improve our products continually.

Cost Efficient

When your hybrid or electric vehicle requires service, we encourage you to consider The Hybrid Shop. With a warranty of 3-years, we completely stand behind the quality and reliability of our electric vehicle and hybrid auto repair. Combine our knowledge and experience with our genuine care for you, your car, and the environment, and we think you will be hard-pressed to find another facility like ours in the entire nation. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrids and Electric Vehicle Market(HEV/EV)

  • Over 5-Million HEV/EV On U.S. Roads(DOT Statistics).
  • Projected Growth is 8.94% 2018-2025(U.S. Government Report).
  • Over 7.5 Million Vehicles By 2025.
  • Driven By CAFE Standards and ZEV Initiatives.
  • (CAFE is Corporate Average Fuel Economy Adapted In 1975).
  • (ZEV is Zero Emission Vehicles Enacted In 1990 In CA and Supported By 8 States).

We service all hybrid vehicles types. Call us to get more information.